Baby Food Fund is a Chester County, Pennsylvania nonprofit organization that donates food for babies in need. Since its founding in 2014, Baby Food Fund has donated more than 2000 pounds of baby food to benefit babies throughout Chester County.

Baby Food Fund is the dream-come-true of its young founder, Nate Hyson. In 2014, at 6 years of age, Nate was sad that there were many people who could not get enough food to eat. He built a donation box, placed it in his neighborhood, and soon collected $30. When he talked with his parents about how $30 could help the millions of hungry people in the world, Nate decided to focus on helping babies because “They can’t help themselves.” He used the $30 to buy baby food that he donated to a local shelter.

In November 2014, with the help of his parents, Nate collected the money necessary for Baby Food Fund to incorporate and become a nationally recognized 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation. Baby Food Fund hosts an annual baby food drive in collaboration with Nate’s school. The Fund is also generously supported through the Share the Plate program at his church.

Baby Food Fund has established a collaborative relationship with Chester County Food Bank. The Fund purchases baby food with financial donations and delivers the food to Chester County Food Bank, which distributes the baby food wherever it is most needed in the county.

In the future, Nate hopes to expand Baby Food Fund to meet the need in all of Pennsylvania, the United States, and eventually go international.


Nate’s first visit to Chester County Food Bank, with Executive Director Larry Welsch