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14 September 2019

Thursday night, I went to the Save the Children Centennial Gala in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom. The Gala was awesome. First, we went downstairs, where the author Brad Meltzer, who writes nonfiction books for children, told everyone about me and my charity.

Mary with bestselling author, Brad Meltzer.

They took pictures of the Changemakers, including me. I got a really nice Changemaker’s pin, which I am going to put on a frame with a picture from the event.

Save the Children Centennial Gala Changemakers

After that we went upstairs. There were lots of speeches, and we had dinner. I got my picture taken with Camila Cabello, and Jennifer Garner said she would send us baby food from her company, Once Upon a Farm.

Mary and Camila Cabello

There were two girls that Save the Children helped, who spoke to everyone. Their names are Given and Hope. Given lives in Africa (I think in Zambia). Her grandmother wouldn’t let her go to school, but Save the Children taught her what her rights are, and she got to go to school. This made me appreciate the United States laws that require children to go to school. I felt very lucky that I live in this country and, more specifically, an area of this country, where there is a wonderful school district with plenty of resources and excellent teachers.

Hope also lives in the United States, but she is not as lucky as I am because her school doesn’t have the same kind of resources mine does. Save the Children taught her to love reading. I got upset that some schools in the United States have more money per kid than others.

I am very happy and amazed that these famous people were here and with all the publicity. My mom is worried that a truck will show with tons of baby food, but I would love it if that happened, for it could feed a lot of babies. It was an awesome night.

Mary and her family: L to R Chris, Mary, Elliot, Sarah

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