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AI Website Generator

Private Beta

Effortlessly build a website with a free AI website builder, which designs your single-page site based on simple prompts.

  • Create a website by answering questions about your business

  • Automate labor-intensive tasks in building a custom website

  • Personalize your website design with no-code, visual editing tools

  1. Deploy a custom website with AI-powered prompts.

    Between coding and complex interfaces, website design and development can cost your business endless hours and resources. A free AI website builder can streamline the process by automating the most taxing steps of creating a website.

    With HubSpot’s free AI website generator, you can create a custom site in a flash by answering a series of prompts about your business. Once you enter your needs and preferences, the AI generator will seamlessly churn out a custom site, which you personalize to perfection using no-code editing tools.

  1. Bring your website vision to life in a flash with AI.

    Forget about spending endless resources on manual coding and wireframing. With HubSpot’s free AI website generator, you can automate your website creation process. Simply answer a few intuitive prompts and watch your custom website come to life in a flash.
  2. Effortlessly personalize, perfect, and publish your website.

    Your AI crafted website is the perfect launching point. Easily tailor it to your business needs with HubSpot’s no-code, drag-and-drop editing features. Forget about technical hurdles when it’s time to go live — HubSpot’s integrated website building software takes care of everything from hosting to ensuring mobile-friendliness.
  3. Scale your AI-built website as your business grows.

    Building a website is just the beginning — the real magic happens when you use it to reach your business goals. With HubSpot, you have the tools you need to scale your website and grow your business. Drive traffic with SEO content, create AI-powered email marketing campaigns, and boost your lead gen efforts with custom landing pages. No matter your goals, the AI website builder is here to empower your success.
  4. Unify the customer experience from click to conversion.

    Your AI-built website will often be the first interaction between potential clients and your business. But how can you turn single page views into lasting customer relationships? The AI website generator natively integrates with HubSpot’s customer platform, giving your business all the tools required to attract, engage, and delight customers in one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of using HubSpot’s AI website builder are: 

  • Quick website creation 
  • Personalized design 
  • No-code editing tools 
  • The ability to connect a custom domain for free
  • Integration with HubSpot’s customer platform
  • Additional content creation features

Get started with HubSpot's AI website builder for free. Answer a few questions about your business and goals, and watch as it automatically generates a draft website for you to customize or launch.

Currently, the AI website generator is only available in English. 

An AI website builder utilizes user prompts to analyze content and design preferences, generating a personalized website based on inputs provided.

HubSpot’s AI website builder is available for free in private beta. More advanced content management and website creation tools are available in premium editions of CMS Hub.