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Free Lead Management & Tracking Software

Organize, prioritize, and engage prospects in one centralized platform with free lead management software.

  • Get full visibility into each lead’s journey with your business

  • Streamline automated lead assignments and follow-ups

  • Use custom criteria to automatically score and prioritize leads

  1. Centralize lead management to boost conversions.

    Stop wasting time tracking leads through disconnected tools and databases. With HubSpot’s lead management software, you have all your contact data in one place, so you can personalize prospect outreach without digging for details.

    Easily access each lead’s history, including company information and a timeline of every touchpoint between the contact and your business. Automatically prioritize leads with custom scoring criteria, and grow your database with smart segmenting and nurturing features.

  1. Get full context on every lead.

    Without a personalized follow-up and handoff experience, even the most qualified leads can lose interest. But customizing outreach is time-consuming. HubSpot’s lead management software integrates all your lead touchpoints across marketing, sales, operations, and service to help you make informed follow-ups.
  2. Automatically score and prioritize leads.

    Identify the most qualified leads by automatically assigning lead scores with custom lead scoring criteria, or let HubSpot create a scoring system for you using historical data. Use lead scores to assign prospects to your sales team, or set up workflows to notify reps when their prospects are primed for conversion.
  3. Segment and nurture leads with data.

    Take the guesswork out of lead management with data-backed features. Use contacts’ histories to create segments based on website visits, email interactions, and more. Then target segments with personalized web content and email campaigns, and nurture leads across the funnel.
  4. Streamline your lead management process.

    Avoid having to manually import data across tools. With HubSpot’s lead management tools, you can view information about your leads and follow up with them in the same place. Make calls and send emails while HubSpot tracks every activity for you, and get valuable time back in your day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lead management is the strategy that sales teams use to understand which stages of the pipeline their deals are in. This  helps sales teams know whether a lead or prospect is on a path to closing. Many companies choose to use software that streamlines this process, leveraging automation to move leads through the sales process with workflows and targeted marketing.

    With HubSpot’s lead management software, your team can eliminate manual lead tracking and replace it with a fully automated system. Instead of wasting time on manually triggering workflows and data entry, your team can use the platform to view all leads in one place and take action on them as needed.

  • Popular features of HubSpot ‘s lead management software include:

    • Engage with your leads from within your CRM contact record
    • Automatically update the lead record as soon as a call or email takes place
    • Record all of your customer calls from within your browser and log them directly to the contact record
    • Make use of templates and automation to make customer follow-up easy
    • Understand performance at a macro and micro level with built-in team-wide analytics 
    • Keep your database clean and tidy without cobbled data quality software
  • Both lead management and pipeline management are terms used in sales and marketing to refer to the activities involved in turning prospects into customers. However, there are some nuances that differentiate both terms:

    Lead management is a concept used to describe the process of capturing, managing, and tracking potential clients. This process includes lead generation marketing campaigns, lead scoring, and follow ups. 

    Pipeline management refers to the process of managing the entire customer journey, from first-touch to check out. Pipeline management involves tracking prospects at each phase of the sales process. Data-driven pipeline management can help sales leaders identify roadblocks in their approach and capitalize on opportunities.

    HubSpot CRM includes free features to help you manage leads and take control of your sales pipeline.

  • HubSpot’s lead management tools are is available in multiple HubSpot products, and you can get started with them for free. If you’re looking for more advanced features to help automate and scale your lead management, HubSpot also offers premium features in the Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions of our products.

  • It depends on whether you’re already using a lead management system. If you need to undergo data migration or have a complex or large amount of data to move over, your implementation time may increase. On the other hand, most teams with a short sales cycle also have a very rapid implementation period for lead management software.

    For companies that have never done any lead management, the implementation is seamless — the only thing you need to set up before getting started is access for your team and information about their specific roles.